Monday, June 13, 2011

Les Miserables

For a graduation present LaRae Doug's Mom gave him two tickets to see Les Miserable. I was so excited since I had never seen the musical live. It was AMAZING!!!
Javert had the most amazing voice. When he sang Stars it was so beautiful and than his last song in the musical was amazing. Valjean was great but there was something about Javert voice it was amazing to hear.
As I was watching I realized that Javert always thought he was doing Gods will by chasing Valjean and it wasn't until Valjean saved his life that he realized the criminal he had been chasing was closer to God will than he. I love everything about this play and having read the book (Unabridged) its amazing to see all the symbolism about God and love.
I guess when Les Miserable came to Phoenix last it had a circle stage that moved this time its back drop moved it was fantastic and I hope to see it again one day.
I have one maybe two more musical I really want to see on stage Scarlet Pimpernel and Dr, Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.
Thank you to my LaRae for the wonderful tickets and amazing seats!!

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