Monday, June 20, 2011

THE BIG 5 and what I learned.

Martin turned 5 on Sunday but we celebrated his birthday on Saturday. I spent a month planning the party and putting games together.
Here is my list of things I learned about kids birthday parties
1. They are happy playing with each other
2. If the package says 100 water balloons buy to packs because at lest 1\2 will break
3. If it takes 30mins to fill the balloons it will take 30 seconds for them to disappear.
4. Kids do not care about games if there is a trampoline around specially if the sprinkler is is on.
5. When you think nothing is going right that is when everything is perfect.

The best part of the party was Martin turning speechless and his mouth drop open when he saw the bike his dad bought him.

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  1. the Cake is suppose to be a Dinosaur fossil at a dig site.