Friday, June 3, 2011

I want to sleep too

Roxie loves sleeping with her books
I am not sure why but Zoey has decided sleeping is something she doesn't need to do at night. I think I have figured out that Chocolate of any kind is the enemy and I have decided if I want to sleep I need to remove all chocolate. (Only getting up once at night)
I have introduced Zoey to the different cereals and baby food but so far the only thing she likes is popcorn puffs and cooked white rice.
My other two loved the cereals and at 7 months started to sleep though the night. Last night I was so tired I just let Zoey fuss she self to sleep. She woke up at midnight, 2am and 3am and by 3:40 I was so tired I couldn't think straight so she fussed\talk and grunts until she falls asleep. Than 5:00am came around and I was so tired I pulled Zoey into bed with me until 7am when everyone came into the bedroom for morning prayers.
I'm so tired and all I want is some sleep. I have read the No Cry sleep solution book again and I have tired everything but nothing seems to be working.
What do you do when you baby doesn't want anyone else but mom, only wants to nurse and whats to be up all night. If one person says enjoy it than you can move into my house and enjoy it.


  1. I have no suggestions. I can tell you my experience though. Reed, my #3= SO MAMA CLINGY it's not even funny. It has been a battle and the things you describe are like the last 16 months of my life... almost. Reed was also my first colicy baby. only a little bit but the constant fussiness and sporadic unsoothable crying really got to me. He clung to me, waking up usually about 3 times a night every night. When he stopped nursing he got a little better. But I had a hard time weening him because so far he hasn't liked milk and i'm not gonna buy formula for him at age 1. He eats lots of yogurt and cottage cheese and cheese for his dairy doses. :) I found though that the best way to get Reed to sleep through the night is to have Micah take care of midnight stuff. I HATE HATE HATE that it has to be that way, but if I go and try to lull Reed back to sleep it's like he's so excited I came and he knows I'm such good company and i LOVE to snuggle that I"ll cave and bring him to our bed. By the way, Reed is stretch between two parents to constantly kick one while heading the other in the middle of the back kinda bed buddy= NOT A GOOD BED BUDDY!!!! And if I do get Reed back to sleep he wakes up about 2 hours later, and 2 hours later and 2 hours later.But Micah, he goes back to sleep for the night.

    It took months of practice and a lot of nights Micah would get up to take care of it and show up with a frantic, screaming baby 5 minutes later. THe other 2 kids still wake up sometimes and between Reed and the other 2 I was waking up like every 2 hours at least. I know it's tough, but if Doug is willing to try for a while see if Doug can calm her down. I don't know how old she is now. I think we started this with Reed around 6-9 months because I was CRACKING!!! I was all emotional and taking naps. i don't take naps. they make me grumpy. hahah! but maybe she just love to see you so much she'll do what she can to see more of you. I feel that way with Reed. And not that Reed doesn't love MIcah, but he knows now especially that he's not getting mama. the last month has been the best... okay the last week. i actually slept through the night 3 nights in a row. Reed is 16 months now. so i means it's been a lot of practice.

    Sorry for the novel. good luck!!!


  2. Thanks for the idea!!! It's options we haven't tried yet!!