Wednesday, June 29, 2011

He simply amazes me!

As of August 15th it will be 8 years and Doug still amazes me. Tuesday afternoon I noticed the wasn't cooling down in fact it was 86. I thought may with the A\C working nonstop for the last few weeks maybe we blew a fuse because one of our lights wasn't working. Doug came home and couldn't get the A\C to work so we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Bremners Condo for the night. Doug called around to the different A\C companies at advertises night, days and weekends but soon found out that it only applies to people with contracts with their company. So early morning Wednesday Doug contacted and A\C repair man who gave him some ideas of what to try and replace first before he came out at a $200 service fee.
Doug bought the part and replaced the part and we now have A\C! I would love to fell you what he fixed but every time he tells me it starts with "I fixed the "Flux" and than I hear Capacitor in my head. So I now believe my husband fixed the Flux capacitor on our A\C unit.
I love having a Mr. Fix it as a husband!!

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