Monday, June 13, 2011

I can't seem to get the Video to work

I have some really fun videos of Zoey moving around the house but they will not load. I place some of them on facebook.

Doug and I have been trying to get the grass to grow in the backyard so we have been watering it every other day. With all the water we have developed a small puddle that Roxie has claimed as hers. She tried to drink it one morning and decided it didn't taste to great and the following day she decided to muddy her clothes. the next day Martin opened the back door while I was putting Zoey to bed by the time I got back down stairs Roxie stripped off her oneis and pants and was sitting in the backyard in just a diaper playing in the puddle again. When I asked her what happened to her clothes she responded with a " I didn't want them dirty." Fair enough.

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  1. Smart girl Mom is a whole lot less likely to get mad if the clothes are still clean!