Friday, June 24, 2011

Average is Wonderful at 5

This week has been a little crazy. Starting off with both Martin and Roxie running high fever (102.5) than getting really sore throats. I decided maybe we should see the doctor when Roxie started to develop a rash around the mouth. I called and got the kids in for Martin well check up and well Roxie a swab.
Martin was great at the appointment he said Please and Thank you and always asked very nice when he wanted to do something. Even the nurses thought it was sweet.
Martin also had his first eye exam and at first the nurse wasn't sure what to think because he couldn't seem to see the different pictures she was pointing at. Finally she realized he was looking at the pictures sideways she redid the exam and for the most part his vision is just fine. He isn't 20\20 in one eye and 20\25 in the other which is normal\average for a 5 year old. Next came his weight 38lbs Average and height 42 inch Average. I was very happy to hear Martin is just your average 5 year old boy not to tall and not to skinny just average.
Next came Roxie with the throat swab and I have a feeling after today I will never get her to say AHH again. I kept praying it wouldn't be staph throat because Roxie's new thing is to spray or spit at people when she is made and yesterday I was spit at and sprayed at a lot. The doctor gave each of the kids suckers and said the test was negative it was just a nasty virus going around and it would clear up in 72 hours. YEA!!
Oh Zoey has her two bottom teeth just cut though and the other two bottom front teeth are cutting though today.
BUSY house hold of tired, grouch and yes very average people.

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