Monday, June 27, 2011


Now I know for a few selected members of the family 115 is an average summer day but for me 115 means the A\C unit never turns off even when the house is set at 81.
If you ask why do I live here it is because starting at the end of Sept until mid May it is beautiful.
So you ask what can someone do at 115 well lots of swimming.

Believe me no one argues when they HAVE to go to Grandmas to swim. Otherwise there is a lot of cleaning and indoor activities that get really old quick. 10 years ago I left the extreme cold only to live in the extreme heat. To be honest I will take the heat any day. I never liked being cold and I love swimming in the pool.

Monday 115 Tuesday 115 Wednesday 110 Thursday 110 Friday 115 and Saturday 114

There will be a lot of pool time this week.

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  1. I forgot to add our AC went out! Thank you grandpa and ms Bremner for living so close.