Thursday, April 26, 2012

Again Yes Lady

Again I have turned into the YES lady.  This time I am kind of excited because I get to experiment with my favorite thing CUPCAKES!!
I am making over 90 cupcakes for my wards Mother Day's Treat.  My plan is to make tons of different flavors. Chocolate with peanut butter frosting filling, Chocolate Mint, Lemon Strawberry or maybe just Strawberry, Gluten Free Chocolate and Raspberry Chocolate cupcake.  They will all have vanilla frosting but thankful someone else will be doing the decorating.  Did I forget to mention I will be baking all day Saturday before Mothers Day. 
I am super excited to bake I just hope the chocolate raspberry turns out.  So far I have attempted twice and so far the house smells like chocolate and raspberries but the cupcakes taste like chocolate.
I LOVE CUPCAKES I do not like decorating them.

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