Monday, April 16, 2012


Last week and starting today I have been suffering from migraines. I have tired everything to get rid of it but nothing seems to work expect caffeine or Tylenol with codeine. When I mean work it helps take the big pain away but I have dull ache and my eyes are really sensitive.
The girls have been really good for being stuck in a dark house and I have been to grateful for Doug because Wednesday he picked the kids up and took them out shoe shopping and dinner. Sunday he left me have some quite time until church.
Friday things were looking up and we tired to get Zoey and Roxie's photos taken but instead it ended up with some funny family photos. Saturday Roxie had a screaming fit and I developed another migraine and spent all day in a dark house and Sunday I just suffered in peace at church.
I keep praying everyday that I will wake up without pain or my eyes being sensitive to light. Everyone has advice which I am more than willing to accept but so far everyone suggest I seen a neurologist. After visiting with my family doctor they informed me once I am done having babies and nursing they will but me on prescription medicine to control the migraines but until then they really can't do anything for me. Oh well life goes on.

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