Saturday, April 21, 2012


For some unknown reason I have become a YES person. Kristen White in my ward called me and ask me to perform with 5 other women for Chandler AZ 100th celebration of Relief Society to be preform at the Chandler Art center May 5th.
 I have no idea why I said yes but I did and now I am singing, dancing and reciting lines.  10 years ago this is all I dreamed of was preforming and I loved!  Now it scares me to death!  The last time I performed on a stage was college and it was for my acting class.  I am very grateful that we are one of 15 groups for this 90 min performance.
 Thankful I am with a group of talented women and one who has an amazing voice.  The song is really fast and surprising really hard but most of it is song by Stephine and I have a little solo within the song.
 No I am not going to record this anyone to see expect for the people attending.
On that note the City of Chandler Mayor and member of the counsel have been invited along with the Govern and other state representatives. 
PRAY for me to do not pass out on stage and that I can belt out my part of the song because that is what the director wants me to do.

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