Monday, April 16, 2012

Bill Maher I hope you never have kids!!

"No one is denying that being a mother is a tough job; I remember I was a handful," "But you know there is a big difference between being a mother, and that tough job, and getting your ass out the door at 7 a.m. when it's cold, having to deal with the boss, being in a workplace, or even if you're unhappy you can't show it for eight hours."

Thank you Bill Maher! You are so right about being a stay at home mom is so much easier than a 9-5 job. I was thinking the late nights of holding a baby throwing up all over me, and teaching a stubborn 4 year old to potty train was a piece of cake. After all when I am unhappy I get to be grumpy around my house because it doesn't effect anyone but me. WOW!! I have worked and had a 6 month old who never slept and guess what working and not sleeping was way EASIER than staying at home 24 hours a day.
Working and staying at home is like comparing apples to oranges. It doesn't work.
I wish after 8 hours of work I could just shut the door and go home but I can't. After a long emotional day of diaper changing, hurt fingers, undone laundry because someone needs attention, pick kids up and dropping kids off at different activities, making meals that no one wants to eat, clean up after making dinner, taking an hour to get everyone to bed, only than cleaning up the final mess of the day. Than all I want to do is spend a few quite hours with my husband or by myself but in reality I have someone waking up sick, or scared. I than take the next several hours or all night to take care of the little ones before I and hope to get some sleep before midnight. Guess what it starts all over again the very next day.
The thing I also have the best job because instead of money I get hugs, kisses and told I am beautiful every single day by the most amazing kids.

I know he says things to get a raise out of people. Yup he got me!

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  1. Amen! I guess everyone has opinion but I figure until you have lived a day in someone else's shoes don't be making comments. I don't care for bill maher at all. Your kids are getting so big. So glad things are going well. Hope the mirgranes stop soon! thinking of you!