Monday, April 16, 2012

Conversations Going on today

(They have always played well together)
Martin, Roxie and Zoey are outside playing in a bucket of water and I over hear the following conversation.
Martin: Roxie you are dead.
Roxie: No I do not want to be dead.
Martin: Stop moving you are dead.
Roxie: I'm not going to be dead. Olivia can be dead.
Martin: Ok Olivia is dead.
Roxie: Wait. Martin who is Olivia?
Martin: I don't know but she is dead.
Roxie: OK.

Zoey is basically saying in the back ground: HI. HI. Oh No
Martin and Roxie scream: NOOOOOOOOOO
well there went our magic water. I guess everyone is back to being alive
Roxie: All expect the cow.
Martin: Quick shoot every!!

Where did a cow come into play.
I love little kids imaginations. It is so much fun to hear them play and the sweet giggles!!
I love being a mom.

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