Monday, April 9, 2012

Something New Everyday

Recently Roxie has been doing everything in her power to get Zoey in trouble. Here is a conversation we had with the two girls:

Roxie: Dad Zoey put her fingers in my mouth!
Dad: Roxie take Zoeys fingers out of your mouth.
Roxie: Dad I am going to bite Zoeys fingers because she isn't taking them out of my mouth.
Dad: Roxie just move away from Zoey.
Roxie: I moved but her fingers are still in my mouth.
On Cue Zoey cries
Roxie: She wouldn't take her fingers out of my mouth. So I bit her so I could move.

I am pretty sure you can imagine who got in trouble.

Next Day
Roxie: Mom Zoey is touching me.
Me: Move away from Zoey
Roxie: Mom she is hitting me and if she doesn't stop I am going to hit Zoey.
Me: Roxie if you hit Zoey you are going to be in trouble. Just move away from Zoey.
on cue Zoey is screaming
Me: Roxie what did you do?
Roxie: She didn't move so I could move so I pushed her down.

Zoey walks up to me and says "Mama" and points saying "Roxie" and than processes to talk really fast in an upset tone. I have no idea what she said but she calmed down when I said "Does Zoey want a cookie?"
I put Zoey in time out and Roxie in time out and some how in the matter of seconds both girls were screaming because Zoey was touching Roxie from across the room and Zoey was crying because she fell off the train. By the way they couldn't see each other and Zoey's time out is a small ABC train.

Did I forget to mention this goes on all day long every single day. Its a good thing I have a great since of humor otherwise I might go even more crazy!