Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

We had Martin's first Parent Teacher Conference for first grade.  His teacher is super sweet and you would never believe this but I comes to my shoulder.  Now I have either grown taller (Wishes could come true) or she is really tiny and yes she is tiny.  She might be tiny but she can back a punch in the class room.
  Martin has Mastered everything required of him at this point in 1st Grade expect understanding Fiction stories.  He understands non-fiction stories and he can relay everything in detail but fiction he has issues with.  The teach said she has only been reading in group and next week they will be going into small groups and she feels he will master the fiction stories. 

I am very proud he is doing so well.  Every time he takes spelling test he passes with perfect scores. He is so sweet because he thinks everyone passes spelling test and knows what he knows.

He loves Science and math because it just make since. 

I love reading and nothing has stopped me from enjoying reading not even my learning disability.  My kids see me reading all the time and sometimes they hid the kindle and I know that is when I have been reading too much.  Any how one night Martin looked at me and said " Mom I know why you love reading.  Its fun."  I tired very hard not to cry!!!

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