Friday, August 17, 2012

San Diego 48 hour but worth every second.

Coronado Beach


Never found out what Semi Live Fun meant.

So Doug and I decided to get out of the valley for 48 hours.  Doug couldn't decide between going north or west but as we started to drive we both had a strong feeling to go west towards San Diego.  Smart thing too because it rain up north.  We left Tuesday late afternoon and since we didn't know where we were going we didn't have a place to stay. As we drove we checked out tons of place on our phones but they were pricy the closer to the beach we got to the beach.  Than I looked up and found the Dolphin Motel and it was number 7 of 248 hotels in the area.  We arrived around midnight and found it to be one of the cleanest places I have ever stayed.  I even took my socks off and walked around the room which I never do.   The room was small, white, with two pillow on the bed which was a full or a very small queen and that was it nothing exciting but it was a place to sleep.  The bathroom was small but it was really nice. We arrived at midnight so I really didn't care I just wanted to sleep.  Boy did I sleep it was the best night sleep I have had in months.  The hardest bed but the best sleep go figure.
  Anyhow we met the owners the next morning (Wednesday) and they gave us some place to go and things to do but for some reason a little voice kept telling me to go to the beach and relax.  So I decided since the last time we went to San Diego (over 3 years ago with the kids) I didn't listen to that little voice and had the worst time I decided to listen this time.
  So we headed to Coronado Island and walked, played in the water and slepted by the beach.  It was the most relaxing day I have had in I can't remember.  The only problem with Coronado Island is we couldn't find any public restrooms so we had to use the bathroom that was about 1\2 mile or more from where we parked out little butts at the beach. (Underground parking garage)
 During out beach walk we found so many different types of Sand Dollars and even found a live one.  We picked up so many different shells and watched the Navy Helicopters doing maneuvers in the ocean as well.  I would never stay on Coronado Island because it is very expensive but it is so noisy because of the Navy flying plans over head all day and into the late evening.
  Yes we burned because our brains shut down when the kids are not around but it was the most relaxing day!  I hope to go back to San Diego to bring the kids but also just the two of us.
Our trip was short because Doug is heading to Las Vegas next week for the trade show and the Wimmers were leaving for Utah Friday early morning.  I would have gone with him but I didn't have anyone able to watch the kids.
We woke up the next day (Thursday) and decided before we headed home to hit some Japanese Markets around San Diego and found some great buys and some fun foods.  We got home to three happy kids and my father-in-laws wonderful steaks.
  It was a wonderful trip, short but perfect.  I also followed my mom's advice and clean my house before we left and it was wonderful coming home to a clean house.  The only thing I need to do is unpack my clothes, do a little wash, and enjoy the kids.
I am so blessed to be able to get away for a short amount of time.

Here is where we stayed.

Not much there but if you want a clean place to sleep its perfect.  You never feel guilty when you leave the motel and it is a welcome sight after being gone all day.  I can't say it enough the rooms were so clean!!  No pool but who needs it when you can drive to the beach.

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