Monday, August 20, 2012

Mud dauber aka the WASP

I have only 3 bugs that will stop me dead in my track and freeze me like a statue.
1. Wasp
2. Scorpion
3. Cockroach

I have been stung by the top two and well cockroach are just gross and when I first moved here they chased me while walking on ASU campus at night.  That's right cockroaches chased me and if you do not believe me as Vanessa Connett she will testify.
  Normally when one of these bug come into the house I put something over the top of it and wait for Doug to come and kill it.  Yup I pretty much hide in my bedroom!!
  So today some how a Wasp aka Mud Dauber came flying into the house and decided to make himself at home.  I did the typical girly thing yelled, grab all three kids and ran upstairs and shut all the doors. 
So after some time I decided to venture downstairs and kill the bug because my bug killing husband is out of town and I figured the kids and I couldn't live upstairs all week.  (Although I am pretty sure I could have figured out a way.)
 After shaking to death I grab the bug spray and found it hanging out at the window and sprayed until the thing stopped moving.  I used way to much spray but its dead and I am pretty sure whatever else might have been hanging out by the window is dead to.
 I am so proud of myself and my kids think I am pretty awesome as of right now.
I killed the Wasp all by myself!!!

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