Tuesday, December 1, 2009

She starting to find step....

Roxie enjoys crawling around the house because she can get from point A to point B VERY FAST. I was at Grandma Wimmers home and noticed Roxie just standing in the middle of the Room and decided to see if she would try and walk. She took up to three steps before she decided she was done!! I was so excited but than realized that she is growing up way to fast and I'm going to miss my little baby.

On Sunday at Grandma Wimmers home Doug and I set Roxie in the family room and we went into the kitchen. When I noticed she didn't follow us I went to see what she was doing. Roxie was standing in the middle of the room holding the Guitar Hero Microphone and she seemed like she was trying to sing or at lest she was making noises that sounded like singing. It was so cutie but the second we got the video camera out she stopped doing it.

Last but not least last night we were having Family Home evening and Roxie decided she didn't like being on the floor so she used her dad's leg and climbed onto the coffee table to get a better view of things. She climbs up on everything and I swear one day I will find her on top of the refrigerator.

Roxie makes sure to keep me on my toes!!


  1. Would not surprise any of us if you leave the right or should I say wrong items available for her to use as tools to climb to higher heights.

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  3. Roxie is crazy and I truly do but stuff away but she uses body parts to climb on to get on or into things. She tires to climb on the kitchen chairs and they either fall on her or she get mad and starts to push them around the kitchen until she gets it stuck and tires again to climb up. I can't wait for you guys to see her...She is so funny... She threw a blanket over her head and started to laugh... Were any of us kids climbers besides Randy?