Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was CRAZY!!

Christmas Eve we went to the Temple Lights and attempted at takes a family picture. Out of 10 this was the one one where everyone was looking at the camera.

Christmas morning was a very interesting morning with Martin only wanting to open one or two present and wanting to only play with those. He loved the books Grandma and pa Bremner sent to him specially the Curious George book. Roxie loved her dress and gave it a lot of hugs but I wasn't quick enough and I missed the shot. Santa bought Roxie her very own chair to sit in and boy she loved it. I bought her new shoes which she huge. Grandma and pa Bremner sent me the Josephus book that I have already started to read and it is AWESOME. What can I say I am a NERD at heart.
I thought I had finally bought Doug the greatest present a Multi-tool that does everything and I thought NOTHING could top it...I was wrong. Lisa and David sent Doug one of the first game systems from when he was a kid. Yup she beat me without ever knowing it. His eyes lit of so big I thought they were going to pop right out. THANK YOU LISA!!

We than headed over to Grandpa and ma Wimmers for breakfast and round 2 of Christmas presents. Grandpa Wimmer bought Doug a grill, Martin received a glow doodle and he loves it!! Roxie and I received also wonderful and fun Christmas presents from everyone. Grandma Wimmer wants to make sure Doug and I are prepared she gave us the beginning of your 72 hour kits in backpacks we can carry.
Again we had a wonderful Christmas with family and the kids enjoyed every second of it.

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