Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Who is Santa

So the other day I was sitting and talking with Martin and I thought I should find out what he thinks of Christmas.

Me: Martin what do you think of the Christmas Lights? What do you think of the tree?
Martin: I love the light and I love the tree they are beautiful.
Me: Martin what is Christmas?
Martin (Putting his finger to his head thinking) Christmas is the special birthday of Jesus Christ.
Me (I was shocked because I had mention that Christmas was the special birthday of our bother Jesus Christ. I had no idea he had been listening.) That right do you know why we get gift and who Santa is?
Martin: NOPE. Because Everyone gets gifts on their birthdays and Jesus wants us to have his. Who Santa?

I was a very proud mom because every time some asked him about Christmas he always says it is Jesus Christ Birthday and never mentions Santa. Now don't get me wrong I have tired to sit him down and have him watch the Christmas specials but he just doesn't care.

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  1. You have taught him and he listens so just keep teaching him correct principles as the Prophet Joseph Smith told us to do.