Friday, December 11, 2009

Midnight lights, Sleep Talking, Colds and Christmas Shopping

So this week has been busy... Starting off with Roxie and her never ending cold. I decided last Sunday not to take the kids to church because both of them had runny noses and coughs. Martins Cough cleared up but Roxie's Runny nose and cough has only gotten worse. So again back to sleepless night. Roxie is also getting in two new teeth so HOPEFULLY she will be feeling better soon. (10 teeth total) Roxie is a really good sick baby. She still laughs, rolls around on the floor, crawls everywhere and yes she is still trying to walk. Except for the runny nose and cough I would have never know she was sick. I do miss however the fact that she still doesn't want to cuddle even when she is sick.

Wednesday night Doug decided it was time to decorate the outside of the house for Christmas (9pm) but first the large bush (width of tow people) in the front yard needed to be trimmed and than we needed to rake up all the leaves it left behind so around midnight we finished putting up the Christmas lights on our first home. It was cold (ARIZONA) around 35 degrees so Hot Chocolate was in order before bed.

Yesterday Roxie was still coughing and had a pretty good runny nose but she was determined to give me a kiss and she planted one big kiss on my lips and about a second after the kiss she sneezed all over me and lets just say it wasn't pretty. Martin also informed me that we are celebrating Jesus Christ Birthday and boy it is fun! Still working on explaining Christmas to Martin.

Last night around 1:30 am I wake up to Doug saying " Grandpa fall is he ok? Are you ok? Do you need kisses?" The conversation went on for a 1\2 hour. At first I was laughing so hard but after a while I wanted to get back to sleep but I didn't want to wake Doug up because once he is up he has a hard time falling back asleep. So I suffered though 1\2 hour of "Are you ok, are you sure and let me kiss it better."

Even with all this going on I'm totally excited for Christmas and the wonderful spirit it brings!!

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