Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Parent Teacher Conference

We had Martin's first Parent Teacher Conference for first grade.  His teacher is super sweet and you would never believe this but I comes to my shoulder.  Now I have either grown taller (Wishes could come true) or she is really tiny and yes she is tiny.  She might be tiny but she can back a punch in the class room.
  Martin has Mastered everything required of him at this point in 1st Grade expect understanding Fiction stories.  He understands non-fiction stories and he can relay everything in detail but fiction he has issues with.  The teach said she has only been reading in group and next week they will be going into small groups and she feels he will master the fiction stories. 

I am very proud he is doing so well.  Every time he takes spelling test he passes with perfect scores. He is so sweet because he thinks everyone passes spelling test and knows what he knows.

He loves Science and math because it just make since. 

I love reading and nothing has stopped me from enjoying reading not even my learning disability.  My kids see me reading all the time and sometimes they hid the kindle and I know that is when I have been reading too much.  Any how one night Martin looked at me and said " Mom I know why you love reading.  Its fun."  I tired very hard not to cry!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BuzzAgent Something to Smell sweet

I will try anything to make my house smell less like dirty diapers and stinky shoes!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mud dauber aka the WASP

I have only 3 bugs that will stop me dead in my track and freeze me like a statue.
1. Wasp
2. Scorpion
3. Cockroach

I have been stung by the top two and well cockroach are just gross and when I first moved here they chased me while walking on ASU campus at night.  That's right cockroaches chased me and if you do not believe me as Vanessa Connett she will testify.
  Normally when one of these bug come into the house I put something over the top of it and wait for Doug to come and kill it.  Yup I pretty much hide in my bedroom!!
  So today some how a Wasp aka Mud Dauber came flying into the house and decided to make himself at home.  I did the typical girly thing yelled, grab all three kids and ran upstairs and shut all the doors. 
So after some time I decided to venture downstairs and kill the bug because my bug killing husband is out of town and I figured the kids and I couldn't live upstairs all week.  (Although I am pretty sure I could have figured out a way.)
 After shaking to death I grab the bug spray and found it hanging out at the window and sprayed until the thing stopped moving.  I used way to much spray but its dead and I am pretty sure whatever else might have been hanging out by the window is dead to.
 I am so proud of myself and my kids think I am pretty awesome as of right now.
I killed the Wasp all by myself!!!

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Healthy Chocolate Candy!! Sounds good to me!  I can't wait.

Friday, August 17, 2012

San Diego 48 hour but worth every second.

Coronado Beach


Never found out what Semi Live Fun meant.

So Doug and I decided to get out of the valley for 48 hours.  Doug couldn't decide between going north or west but as we started to drive we both had a strong feeling to go west towards San Diego.  Smart thing too because it rain up north.  We left Tuesday late afternoon and since we didn't know where we were going we didn't have a place to stay. As we drove we checked out tons of place on our phones but they were pricy the closer to the beach we got to the beach.  Than I looked up and found the Dolphin Motel and it was number 7 of 248 hotels in the area.  We arrived around midnight and found it to be one of the cleanest places I have ever stayed.  I even took my socks off and walked around the room which I never do.   The room was small, white, with two pillow on the bed which was a full or a very small queen and that was it nothing exciting but it was a place to sleep.  The bathroom was small but it was really nice. We arrived at midnight so I really didn't care I just wanted to sleep.  Boy did I sleep it was the best night sleep I have had in months.  The hardest bed but the best sleep go figure.
  Anyhow we met the owners the next morning (Wednesday) and they gave us some place to go and things to do but for some reason a little voice kept telling me to go to the beach and relax.  So I decided since the last time we went to San Diego (over 3 years ago with the kids) I didn't listen to that little voice and had the worst time I decided to listen this time.
  So we headed to Coronado Island and walked, played in the water and slepted by the beach.  It was the most relaxing day I have had in I can't remember.  The only problem with Coronado Island is we couldn't find any public restrooms so we had to use the bathroom that was about 1\2 mile or more from where we parked out little butts at the beach. (Underground parking garage)
 During out beach walk we found so many different types of Sand Dollars and even found a live one.  We picked up so many different shells and watched the Navy Helicopters doing maneuvers in the ocean as well.  I would never stay on Coronado Island because it is very expensive but it is so noisy because of the Navy flying plans over head all day and into the late evening.
  Yes we burned because our brains shut down when the kids are not around but it was the most relaxing day!  I hope to go back to San Diego to bring the kids but also just the two of us.
Our trip was short because Doug is heading to Las Vegas next week for the trade show and the Wimmers were leaving for Utah Friday early morning.  I would have gone with him but I didn't have anyone able to watch the kids.
We woke up the next day (Thursday) and decided before we headed home to hit some Japanese Markets around San Diego and found some great buys and some fun foods.  We got home to three happy kids and my father-in-laws wonderful steaks.
  It was a wonderful trip, short but perfect.  I also followed my mom's advice and clean my house before we left and it was wonderful coming home to a clean house.  The only thing I need to do is unpack my clothes, do a little wash, and enjoy the kids.
I am so blessed to be able to get away for a short amount of time.

Here is where we stayed.

Not much there but if you want a clean place to sleep its perfect.  You never feel guilty when you leave the motel and it is a welcome sight after being gone all day.  I can't say it enough the rooms were so clean!!  No pool but who needs it when you can drive to the beach.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

9 Years Where did the time go???

9 Years Ago!!  Look we do not look tired.

Boy we look tired!!  
9 Years we look tired!  Still Having Fun just added 3 more to the mix!!

Doug and I are going to escape the heat for a few days for our 9th anniversary.  Last night at 10:30pm it was still 103 and I just need a break from the heat.  In normal Doug fashion he is keeping our escape a secret until we get on the road.

What I have learned from the last 9 years is I can't decide what I want my hair to look like. Blonde, Red, Brown, Long, Short ect.

Just kidding I have learned so much about life, love and why it is so important to have Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ as the center of our family.  Oh and I can cook a mean Fall Apart Pot Roast!!

I married my best friend 9 years ago and as much as I drive him crazy he is still my best friend.
Its has been a wild ride the last 9 years BUT it is only going to get better!

I love you Doug and thank you for loving all the craziness that goes on every day!!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Scream Worthy Items

When I think of something that is "Scream Worthy" in the house several things come to mind
1. Scorpions
2. Large Black Spiders Widows
3. Wasp flying around my front door
4. Biting, Hitting, Spitting and yet even peeing on the floor
5. Something or someone stuck in a place that need helps.

How ever something that isn't scream worthy might be:
Roxie screaming at the top of her lungs because out of 4 dinosaur chicken nuggets one of the isn't a T-Rex.

To look on the bright side at lest this time I wasn't half way though my shower, running down the stairs, trying to keep soap out of my eyes while holding a towel. All the while frighten that someone was trying to hurt my 3 year old daughter.  Nope this time I was covered in paint because I was trying to run down the stairs while holding a paint brush full of paint.

I understand 3 year old have a difficult time deciding what is "Scream Worthy" and what is "Wait Worthy" but a missing dino isn't scream worthy!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

The only pet that is allowed in the house...

This is our new pet!! Just kidding.  This little guy found his way into our house.  Well not this one but it looks just like him just a little bigger.  The nice part about this little guy is he keep the bugs in the house under control and we haven't seen spiders and crickets like me normal do during the summer. 
So far I have found him hiding in my shoes, by the front door in the middle of the night and hiding in a blanket corner.  Normally I would try and get rid of him but they are hard to catch and I do not want to kill the little guy.
 Did I for get to mention the one in the garage about the size of the one in the picture?  Yup!!  Good thing lizards have never bothered me. Feel free to read about them at Wikipedia link it is interesting and yes they make a ticking noise.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Tea Party

Zoey Enjoying her Tea and Cookie

Roxie planned to have a tea party but was surprised she got to have cookies too.

Tea Party