Monday, June 11, 2012

New Calling and Broken Toe

Doug got a call from the Stake President requesting a visit.  I figure it was for the new Elder Qu. counselor because the old one move out.  I figured it wasn't anything big because they didn't request me to come into.  Than around 8:30am Sunday morning Stake Presidents office called again requesting that I come along too.  So we packed up the kids and headed over to church.  Everyone was so nice as always and we sat down with the 1st Counselor and we all talked and finally he asked if I would be will to support my husband as Ward Executive Sec.  I was a little taken back because I had planned on the EQ.  I said yes and we talked about what Doug would be doing. 

During church after Doug was called everyone kept coming up to us and congratulating us.  I tried not to laugh because no one was congratulating me when I was called into RS.  Actually most everyone said "Good Luck, you are going to need it."
  When they set Doug apart the Stake Counselor gave Doug a beautiful blessing for which I only heard 1\2 because I was trying really hard to keep the kids asleep.

Than I decided why does Doug get all the attention so I ran my baby toe into the high chair that has been sitting in the same place for over 4 years.  YUP!!


  1. Dan has that calling right now. I would much rather have him have this calling instead of EQ pres. he was doing that and I felt like i never saw him. I hope Doug enjoys it as much as Dan. Except for the early early morning meetings. Hope your toe is ok. :)

  2. Since church is at 1pm the meetings are really not early but I have a feeling once we change in January to 9am the meetings will be a lot earlier. At lest he doesn't sit on the stand!! I have to take Zoey or Roxie out at lest once during the meeting.