Saturday, June 9, 2012

Dry Ice Bomb, Wasp, another missing tooth and future Model.

Thursday night Doug and I were trying enjoy a relaxing evening after getting Martin and Roxie to sleep when all of a sudden we hear a boom.  I went outside and found 1\2 my neighbors walking around trying to figure our what the sound was. (A house exploded about two months ago about a mile from our house)  I head towards the house where I knew it came form because three nights before they were setting off fireworks and about a week earlier they were having a loud pool party until 11pm. (We share a wall these neighbors.)  The closer I got the more laughing I head and another neighbor said "You have the whole neighborhood stop setting off the Dry Ice Bombs."  Which they relayed "OK".  Well I guess it wasn't really OK as in we are done but as OK we are going to keep being annoying
  I have to deal with a lot having them as my backyard neighbor but when it comes to waking up my kids and causing them to cry that's where I draw the line!!
Anyhow about 15 mins later they set off another Dry Ice Bomb off and I had it so I called the police but I didn't press chargers because it seemed a little extreme but I wanted them to stop by and give them a warning.  After all I saw what a dry ice bomb did to my in-laws mailbox. (Dry Ice Bomb is not a Mentos and Soda combo.)  The police stopped by and gave a warning.
(Arizona prohibits dry ice bombs if there is an intent to cause injury, death, or damage to the property of another, as well as their possession by "prohibited possessors" such as convicted felons and illegal immigrants.)

We have an unwanted flying bug in our yard building a next for the second year in a row a WASP!!

The worst part is it has been trying to build a nest in the lock of our sliding screen door. Last night once she flew out we locked the screen door and hoped she would forget or find a new home.  NOPE!!  We woke up the next morning with a female Wasp locked between the screen door and the glass door.  The kids love watching her fly around and they spent two hours watching her fly around. 

Martin has lost another tooth!! 
That hole is for two teeth.  I am not sure where the two teeth are going to fit!!

My Future model!!!  Zoey was eating pancakes and somehow syrup went from the plate to her hair I guess syrup taste so much better in the hair.  I love the fact that she even has a pout going on. 

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