Thursday, June 7, 2012

Martin's Birthday 2 weeks away

This year we decided Martin could chose what he wanted to do for his birthday.  Now I know this is dangerous to ask a kid what they want.  At first he wanted a HUGE party with all his friend and than he decided on a camping trip with Dad and Grandpa.  They will leave Tuesday and come back late Wednesday night.  I thought WOW I got off easy this year until he said "Mom can you make me a LEGO cake or a Space Shuttle cake."  So I decided to punish myself and looked up on pinterest to see what I could make HAHAH.

I wish I was talented enough to give him his cake.

This is what mine will end up looking like.

 Good thing kids only care about 3 things.
1. Blowing out the candles
2. Eating the cake

I can't believe Martin is truing 6. He has lost two teeth and has one more very loose tooth.  I can't seem to figure out where all those HUGE new teeth are going to fit.  After all there wasn't enough room for all those small ones. 

Good News!!  Martin finally decided going under water is tons of fun and we have been trying to teach him how to swim this summer.  I feel so accomplished in the fact that he will go under water and jump into this dad's arms off the side of the pool.  HE is such a control nut so this is a huge accomplishment.

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