Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day and Birthday Cupcakes

Father's Day presents from Martin and Roxie.

Wearing Father's Day Ties

Martin bought Doug a Car Racing Kits for Father's Day

Lego Cupcakes

White Chocolate Lego on Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

The kids and I decided we wanted to make a very special Father's Day.  We went shopping and ended up spending way to much money at Target.  First stop the dollar section where we picked up glow sticks, bags and special candy.  Than off to the movie section to find Dad a movie he has been talking about.  Than we head to Barns and Noble and found the perfect Dad and Martin gift.  It is a race car set where everyone gets their own car, and they get to paint and decorate it.  I bought Doug a really silly book call 5 good reasons to punch a dolphin.  (Its our really silly humor)
Sunday is a really busy day with Doug's new calling so we had Eggs Benedict for Breakfast and than gifts before Doug's first meeting.
The Primary request 60 ties from the ward members and since Doug has so many he donated his ties.  The kids all decorated tires for the fathers and Doug had the lest amount of ties while one father in the ward was wearing 6.  Roxie gave Doug the pink tie and she decorated it herself  and the primary leaders made it very clear she did it herself.  They were all very proud of her.(Yes they let my 3 year old use a hot glue gun)

Than off to the Wimmers to keep celebrating Father's Day and Martin's Birthday (Tuesday the 19th)Normally we would have celebrated Martin's birthday on Tuesday but Doug is taking Martin camping for his 6th birthday.
Martin requested a Lego Cake so I came up with Lego Cupcakes.  Martin received two Lego sets, clothes and Nano Hexbug (  The kids loved this gift from Doug and I.  They spent 2 hours watching and playing with the bugs.  Then after Steaks, Cupcakes, and Popcorn we headed home to meet up with the Home Teachers before everyone was in bed by 8:30pm.  It was a long but wonderful day to celebrate Father's!!

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