Friday, November 18, 2011

One of many converstations with Martin

Martin: "Mom why do you like Zoey more than Roxie and I?"
Mom: "Because she listens to me and Doesn't yell back."
Martin: "If I stop getting mad at you will you like me more?"
mom: "Martin I will love you even more because you are old enough to understand yelling at me is wrong."
Martin: "Sometimes I get really mad at you because you make me have responsibilities and I hate responsibilities. I will stop getting mad at you if you stop giving me responsibilities."
Mom: "Sorry my sweet boy you will have responsibilities until the day you die and that is life but I will always love you no matter what."
Martin: "Mom my brain never shuts down and I can't stop thinking of everything I need to do and all the fun I want to have and my responsibilities get in the way and that makes me angry."
Mom: "Martin the more you delay pulling the weeds because you yelled at me the more time will be added to pulling the weeds."
Martin: "Now I am angry with you." Goes off to pull weeds

3 mins later
Martin: "Mom pulling weeds is fun and I do not feel like I am being punished at all for yelling at you."
Mom: "Martin you still have 2 more minutes until you are done so enjoy every second of pulling those weeds."
Martin: "Fine I will." Goes off pulling weeds.
5 mins Later

Martin: "Mom my brain wont shut down and I can't stop thinking about all the fun I am missing out on."
Mom: "Well next time when I ask you to shut the screem door maybe you will not yell at me for reminding you to shut the door."
Martin: "Maybe" running a way with a grin forgetting to shut the screen door.
Mom: "ARRG"

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