Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Best Layaed plans never happen

Mom, Roxie, Zoey and I planned to drive to see Grandma Connett for a few days this week.
We hadn't even left Gilbert AZ when Roxie threw up. At first I thought it might be car sickness because it was dark and I had woken her up at 5am. Than it happened again about an hour out of Chandler and I knew it was the stomach flu that was making rounds. We turned around and headed home. I spent all day Monday and Tuesday with a very sick little Roxie. It was so hard to see her sick and limp because normally she never stops moving.
Today Roxie is back to normal she is fighting with her brother and yelling when she doesn't get what she wants. I'm starting to think I liked it better when she was sick.
Zoey at the current moment only had one day of runny poops but never missed a step of being a little ham and Doug and I have been speared.
Here's hoping the rest of the holiday season will be less adventurousness than thanksgiving.

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