Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween: Party, Trunk or Treat, and the Candy

Halloween dinner Hot Dog Spiders
Grannie and Grandpea Bremners Pumpkin
lRoxie trying to decided on a Costume
Halloween Night Candy
"Beautiful Princess." Indiana Jones and a T-Rex
Doug and I heading to a birthday\Halloween Birthday partyu
Mom doing my hair

Trunk or Treating at Grandma Wimmers ward.

Just a quick recap of our week long Halloween Celebration with more pictures to come.
Last night Martin, Roxie, Zoey and I went out three times trick or treating on our street and once to Grannie and Greandpea Bremners. It was fun to see them get so excited or really scared but Roxie was the bravest and ran up to every single door but one.
Each of the kids brought home about 1lbs of Candy each. At the end of the night Martin asked if he could give away candy at the door and we informed him we ran out. He ran to his bag of Candy and said " I can give away my candy." Which he did for one hour and he was so excited every time a kids came by.

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