Wednesday, November 2, 2011

1 Year Check-Up

Today I took Zoey in for her 1 year check up. Recently Zoey has been pulling on her ear and I couldn't decided if it was from teething or an ear infection. She wasn't running a temperature and she wasn't overly fussy so I decided to wait until today to get them check. Yup She has an ear infection but I feel very blessed because we have been ear infection free for 6 months.
Their is a new car seat law out and I am not very happy. Child has to be 20lbs and 2 years old to be in forward facing car seats. I guess the men that make the laws do not sit in car with screaming babies.

Weight: 17lbs 14 1\2 ozs (5%)
Height: 28 3\4 inches (35%)
Head: 18 3\4 inches (97%) Big Head Big Brain

Word count: Mama, Dada, Dad, Bye, Hi, and Mar (Martin)
She blows kisses, waves bye and loves to play peek a boo.
She is starting to take a few steps trying to walk but I think she likes crawling better because she is fast.


  1. I have heard of this law. I asked my dr and he said he didn't know anything about it. Is this in just Arizona or everywhere? This is so not going to be fun for a two year old. ugh!!

  2. Here is what I found on the APP Website "In a new policy published in the April 2011 issue of Pediatrics (published online March 21), the AAP advises parents to keep their toddlers in rear-facing car seats until age 2, or until they reach the maximum height and weight for their seat. It also advises that most children will need to ride in a belt-positioning booster seat until they have reached 4 feet 9 inches tall and are between 8 and 12 years of age"