Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Zoey Temperance Wimmer

Early Saturday morning I woke up with contractions but I kept thinking it was false labor. Well the "False Labor" was getting so bad I couldn't breathe so I finally woke Doug up at 4am and first thing is asked was how far apart they were and being completely out of it I said I only had 4 an hour and Doug looked at my phone with the contraction counter and it said 14 an hour and they were 3 mins apart. So I woke up my parents and said we were heading to the hospital. Once were arrived depending on who was checking me I was either 5-6 or solid 7. Since I need antibiotics my labor was slowed down and Zoey was Born at 12:11pm and
weight 8lbs 2ozs and 20 3\4 inches.

More to come

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