Friday, October 15, 2010

Few Things I thought I Left Behind in MN

When I left Austin Mn 8 or is it 9 years ago there were a few things I would NEVER miss
1. The very cold Winters
2. Mosquito's
Since becoming pregnant for some reason the curse of the evil mosquito has fallen upon me. Every morning I wake up to new mosquito bites from the top of my legs even to the very bottom of my feet mosquito's have found me to be very tasty and no matter how many of those EVIL bugs I kill more seem to find my feet very tasty to the point I can't even wear my favorite shoe choice flip flops.
I am pretty sure the reason we are having mosquito issues is because a few houses down the were given a notice to clean out their green pool or pay a fine. Green pools = LOTS of mosquito's. I am hoping this little princess decides to come soon and my blood becomes less tasty because I am going to itch to death otherwise.

Side note this little baby Zoey seems to think that my spine is a trampoline and her little feet are always pushing on my ribs or my spine. 2 Weeks and 1 day to go until my dues date. I have a pretty busy next two week because I am trying to keep my mind off of being HUGE and PREGNANT! The other night I was looking at my tummy in the mirror and I truly believe she thinks my belly button is the way out. I have never sat so high or had my tummy sick so far out with the other two pregnancies. I didn't believe my doctor when he said "Ever pregnancy is different." I'm a believer now.

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