Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Update on Pregnancy.....Still Pregnant

After a week long of painful off and on contractions and what I have been told effacing also painful all I can say is the baby is trying to test my patience.
I went to my OB on Monday and with a crazy thought I would get in fast. HAHAHAH I didn't see my doctor until 11:20 my appointment was set for 10:20. After some time I found out I am 75% effaced and 3 centimeters. (Gained a totally of 40lbs CRAZY) He was very excited I was making such good progress but was a little shocked I hadn't gone into labor yet. Well that makes 2 of us. My doctor kept reminding me the more I can dilated and efface now the less work I will have to do at the hospital. Sounds great while you are sitting at a doctors office but still once I left and the contractions started again I realized this little one is going to take her pretty little time to get here. (Which I am sure her Grandpa and Grandma Bremner are very grateful.)
He also wants me to put my feet up because they are so swollen and he informed me he would have a little sent to my office to explain "I needed to start my Maternity leave now or I would need to keep my feet up." I explained "I'm pretty sure a 4 year old and 22 month old are not going to read the letter but I will try and explain."
The picture of Roxie is from the other day when she decided to pull Martin's clean underwear out of the diaper bag and wear it. She did however finally get the underwear on the correct way and talked about wanting to go potty and only wear the big boy underwear.
Another funny story.... Roxie was with Grandpa Wimmer Saturday night waiting for Martin and Grandma Wimmer to come home and take them to dinner. Roxie came into Grandpa's room and asked to go swimmer and Grandpa said no its to cold. She than left the room and came back in with her diaper off trying to up on her swimsuit by herself. All I know is this little girl doesn't take NO of an answer EVER!!


  1. You look high still, has she dropped? I looked like I was going to fall forward after they dropped. Lisa

  2. One thing for certain - she will come when she is supposed to come.

  3. I still haven't dropped and what drives me crazy is I have been carrying so low almost this whole pregnancy until around 33 weeks and than I started to carry really high. I'm starting to think she is waiting for her Grandma and Grandpa Bremner to come!! :)

  4. good luck. YOu look great proably better than I ever will. I am just huge! Hopefully she comes soon!

  5. I never dropped until I was well into labor w/ my 2nd and 3rd. I also had a lot of contractions early and then a super easy 3rd labor. I had Lily after about 6 hours of total labor- and only about 4-5 of it was painful. I'm hoping you get the same thing!
    Good luck and welcome to the world Miss Zoey (whichever way you spell it )