Monday, October 4, 2010

Pregnancy Update, Roxie Update and my artist Martin

Well I am 36 weeks and had my first one week appointment. Why do I have to go ever week the baby is going to come when she is ready and personally I do not have time to sit in my doctors office for 40 mins waiting to see him for 10 mins or not at all.
I have some news but nothing that is going to change the world as we know it yet. I am 50% effaced and .75 dilated or as she called it at finger tip. The baby is still sitting very high and trust me I KNOW. The only reason I am so happy is because I have had tons of contractions this last few weeks and some pain. It feels good to know it wasn't for nothing. With Roxie I was having the same pains and nothing was happening until Amanda did her voodoo and she came three days early.
Anyone see a trend? Martin three weeks, Roxie three days and Zoey will she come three hours early? Who knows.
Do I think she will come early like Martin? NOPE and I hope she doesn't because I am really not ready for her to arrive I still need to go shopping for Diapers, home coming outfit and a baby book so I can have her foot prints in the book.
So that is my update!!

Martin is loving preschool. Thank heavens he does because I am not sure if I could make that drive three days a week if I didn't think it was worth it. (40mins round trip.) Martin made the frame and drew a picture of himself. The cutie part is that he told me the circle is his "Bladder and its full." He than told his dad it was his yellow shirt.

I however almost forgot to add that Roxie is starting to sit on the potty without a diaper and up until yesterday she hadn't done anything but play. Yesterday she went screaming past me saying "I NEED TO GO POTTY." I took her to the bathroom and about 15 mins later she had peed a little. We are very excited that Roxie is showing an interest in the potty and could only hope this keeps progressing.

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