Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weeks GoodWill Dress and Tummy shot!

So what do you think of my Halloween Costume? Martin has decided to be a T-Rex! About two weeks ago we(FAMILY)were trying to figure out how to make Disney Phineas and Ferb costume to now I am going to buy Martin green P.J. and Make a T-Rex tail for Halloween. At lest I know how to sew. :)
I'm off to the doctors for my last two week appointment tomorrow morning and I'm positive everything will be the same expect for the increase of weight. We are taking bets in the Wimmer household to see when Little Girl Wimmer will be born Martin has picks Sept 25th (TOO EARLY) and October 25th. I picked Nov. 4th because I am almost positive this little one is going to be late and Doug has yet to pick a date.

What do you think will be my due date? Three weeks early with the first and three days early with the second.


  1. I vote for the end of October just to make it work for all of us.

  2. I think that you are really skinny and just put a pillow under that dress. I also agree with your parents about when the baby should come.

  3. Hahaha. I wish that was a pillow but that's all baby bump!
    Why Heather do you want grandma and pa Bremner to babysitter for some reason ;)

  4. heidi... you are glowing! you look so grown up! when did you grow up? probably that whole having kids things. hahaha. you look amazing! i just thought i'd let you know. :)


  5. I never believed my parents when they said we aged them but I am beginning to believe them more and more every day!!