Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I give you MARTIN!!

Best laugh of the morning:
Martin looks at the tag on his underwear and tells Doug that the tag says, "Keeps the buns and wiener in". We had no idea the tags were so verbose.

This morning he was bouncing off the walls and excited for preschool. I on the other hand was tired from not sleeping and was not excited for the drive. As we were pulling out another car decided he didn't want to turn right and cut me off. I was not in the mood being tired and I yelled " Stupid car." Martin answered back saying "Mom the car isn't that bad word its the person in it."

Martin once informed me that the bottle of shampoo said " To clean feet and not body because I do not want to take a bath. Only my feet are dirty."

If you are wondering he comes up with all of this on his own.


  1. Its funny he always says the craziest things but I always forget to write them down. He is really funny and some morning when I want to crawl in a hole he can always make me laugh.