Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pregnancy: Why is it call Morning sickness??

I have been so sick that I haven't had a lot of time to take pictures or really blog about anything.. Quick update...

Roxie has discovered a few more words: Outside, potty, and she has been trying to say pee.

Martin: Is doing great at going potty most of the time he doesn't even need my help. He also has been helping dad crack eggs for breakfast in the morning.

Doug: Has been the biggest and greatest help with me being sick I really haven't been able to do much in the way of cleaning and cooking. So about twice a week Doug will bring dinner home,and he puts Roxie and Martin to bed at night and picks up the house. I owe him big time.

Me: Well I get excited when I can keep meals down and get more than 2 hours of sleep. I have no energy and I have been trying to see the positive of this pregnancy but at the moment the only thing I see more than Doug, Martin and Roxie is the toilet.
According to the Doctor the positive is I have gained 5lbs with being so sick. He was very excited...I on the other hand am not so happy I have never gained this much weight this fast but than again I haven't been this sick either and the only time I feel good is if I eat every 2 hours. THAT'S RIGHT EVER 2 HOURS!
The doctor keeps telling me I should feel better and have my energy back in the next few weeks.

POSITIVE: MARTIN has been sweet as chocolate when it comes to nap time. He lets we sleep while he watches a little Disney or reads books and than wakes me up when Roxie wakes up from her nap.

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