Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hives? Chickpox? For Sure Ear Infection

This afternoon I started to notice these red rash thing on Roxie arm pits and inside her leg and I thought its nothing it will go away. Around 6pm when Doug came home it had spread all over her body and some spots on her face and started to look like Chickenpox. Roxie has been fussy since Sunday and just not eating or sleep every well and the reason we thought Chickenpox is because she licks EVERYTHING...the grocery cart the chairs at church name it she has licked it. No don't get me wrong I put a stop to the licking the second it starts but I do not have eyes on the back of my head. Although Martin seems to think so.

So off to Urgent Care we went and found out that Roxie has an Ear Infection in her Right Ear this time (MOM YOU WERE RIGHT) and she broke out in hives from the Medication they gave her before Amoxicillin and she is allergic to it.
So HOPEFULLY in a few days Roxie will be back to her cutie fun self!!

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