Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Bye Focus (Well SOON!)


So Doug and I have been recently looking into buying a car since the Focus is starting to have issues and baby girl is almost 10 years old and almost 100,000 miles. I have some great memories with that car and I will be sad the day we sell her because not only was it my first car but I bought it on my own with no help and I paid it off to. I have never once regretted buying her and I wish she could be apart of this growing family but it only has five seats and you can't fit 3 car seats in the Focus. So Doug and I went car shopping and found the SUV that will be part of this growing family and it will hold 3 car seats just fine. We found one with a great price and had all the features we wanted but for some reason it didn't feel right at the moment but I know that brand of SUV is what feels right when I drive it and the turn signal is QUIET!!! Just ask my dad and Doug about the turn signal issue and cars.
Now I hope by now you have figure it out when I have mentioned several times 3 cars seats but if you haven't Yes Doug and I are expecting baby number 3 October 30th.
We had a ultrasound on Friday and we were able to hear and see the baby heart beat and I have never heard the heartbeat so early before and that was exciting.

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