Thursday, February 25, 2010

Roxie vs. The Ear Infection

(Current Ear Infection and instead of wanting to cuddle she wants to read book.)

(This Picture is from Roxie's last Ear Infection)

Roxie has been fighting a cold for over two weeks but recently it has turned into a nasty cough and she hasn't been sleeping or eating and she is AWESOME at both. So I took her into the doctors and at first I though wow its nothing just a nasty cold but they checked her left ear and there it was the EAR INFECTION. About 2 months ago we went into the doctors with a nasty cold and she had an ear infection in the same ear. She doesn't seem to run temperature when she has an ear infection the only sign I ever get is she pulls her hair out. Hopefully she can get over this nasty cold and ear infection and go back to being her fun, happy smiling Roxie.


  1. She sure looks happy that is a plus. Enjoy reading the books.

  2. I've got 2 down with bad ear infections...we feel your pain!

  3. Martin is starting to have the same cough that Roxie has and I'm worried because when he gets a bad cold he ALWAYS gets pink eye so right now I am praying if he gets it he only gets pink eye or the ear infection NOT both again.