Friday, February 5, 2010

List of Ideas for the house

1. Redo the Kitchen Cupboards - I would like to strip off the old stain and put on a darker richer brown.
2. Master Bathroom - Jacuzzi bathtub. IKEA
3. Paint - Roxie, Martin and the Master Bedroom... Now I need to figure out what Paint Colors We would like.
4. Touch up the walls with the right paint color.
5. Replace the tile floors with wood in the living room and dinning room.
6. Make the extra bathroom big enough to have a shower.
7. Replace the kitchen sink with a deeper one.
8. Replace carpet.
9. Get rid of all the Rock in the backyard and maybe plant some Rose Trees and Orange, and Lemon trees ;)
10. Paint, and hang curtains in all the rooms in the house.
11. Maybe a pool?? Maybe Not a Pool

Totally easy I can get this done in what 30 YEARS!! :) Ah yes DREAMS BUT EXCITING DREAMS!!
Oh Yea I almost forgot...
12. Dig a basement than I will never have to move again.

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