Thursday, February 18, 2010

Las Vegas and the MAGIC SHOW

I asked Doug if I could go with him to the MAGIC show (Men and Women Clothing expo.)
I was so excited to go because I thought three day without the kids would be heaven and I always wanted to stay at the Luxor. Well the Luxor was the WORST HOTEL I have ever stayed in. (ABOUT EQUAL WITH THE PLACE IN CALIFORNIA MOM AND I STAYED AT.)
The beds were very small queens and one of the beds you could feel the spring coming though the bed. Than the bathroom light would work when it wanted to, when the toilet would flush it would let out a long high pitch whistle, cold shower and the best part was we could hear everyone else flushing their toilet and taking showers.
The best part about that hotel was that we only were there at night most of the time because Doug was in meeting and I was walking the trade show and LOVING EVERY SECOND OF IT. I also have a new respect for Doug and all he does in Vegas. It isn't a vacation he works and works hard. Doug would be in 5 hour meeting and than some times have to walk the Trade floors. I went to Women MAGIC and PLATFORM (SHOES) the first day and LOVED EVERY SECOND!! I love shoes and I would have bought some if they didn't require a 1000$ first time purchase. The clothes were amazing and I can't wait for the new fall collections to come out because there are some amazing coats. I wish I would wear some of the jackets because they were beautiful.

At one point I was so excited about getting to the the women show I skipped up the stairs to the monorail and I pulled muscle in my leg and spent most of the day walking very slowly but enjoying everything until later that night when I was really hurting and spent the rest of the night in bed not moving.

One night Doug and I went to the Titanic Exhibit and it was AMAZING and I recommend when it comes to a town near you to go. It had the haul of the ship and a large piece of Ice to give you an idea of how cold it was. They also recreated the Grand Staircase and the Promenade deck. At first I thought they should have left the ship and everything in the ocean because it is a burial ground but they showed how much the ship was deteriorating and that in a few years their would be nothing left. I think the display is a great honor to those who died.
I cried when I saw the haul of the ship because all the years I read books and studied the Titanic I never thought I would be able to stand next to a piece of the ship. They gave us a card with a Female name and a Male Name. They lady was a mom with a two year old girl in third class and she didn't make it but her bother survived.

Our last day in Vegas I went to Doug's meeting and there were some good laughs but like I said before I have a HUGE respect for what Doug does in Vegas and no wonder he is so tired when he comes back.

I don't think I will be going back to Magic in August (VEGAS IN AUGUST CRAZY HOT) but I would like to go back Next February. I enjoyed the MAGIC show, the people watching and meeting everyone Doug works with. I HOPE never to stay at the Luxor again. OH I also forgot the Elevators one word SCARY!! I would have rather taken the stairs 8 floors up.


  1. Maybe it was designed that way to keep you on the casino floors. If you spend enough time on the floors then you won't notice how bad the rooms are.

  2. I forgot to add New York New York had the best Pizza!!! Wow it was sooo Cheesy Good...OK so the Cheese didn't agree with me but it was really good. I agree Dad and MOM I think they keep the rooms yucky to keep everyone on the Floor...Did I mention the 1\2naked dancer on the casino floor..She danced for the High rollers tables but it was in the middle of the casino. I guess that is why they call it Sin City

  3. Heidi,
    Your tutus are darling. Nice to see a woman doing what she loves to do! That concept has been the topic of discussion in our family lately. I live in Boulder City ~ between you and Las Vegas. I happened upon your blog thru a Google alert that lets me know when someone blogs using the word "magic." And there you were! Enjoy your day. Thanks for letting me pop in. Amy Arnaz