Monday, February 22, 2010

Martin Request

Roxie moves so fast it is almost impossible to catch her standing still.

Yesterday I had Roxie sitting on a chair and Martin decided it was time for a photo shoot.

Martin: can you get your Camera and take some pictures of Roxie and I.
I was so shocked I grab my camera and started to take pictures but Roxie was done after the first few and decided the fast way off the chair was falling. Good news she didn't smack her head again but she was very upset because she broke her cracker.

Roxie cannot seem to keep her hands out of the trash and the recycle. She is always pulling sometimes out to play with it. Saturday it was the Milk Jug and the day before it was soda cans.

I have been going a little crazy taking pictures of the kids so pleases forgive me for all the photos.

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