Saturday, July 18, 2009

You put your finger where

Since Roxie has been teething I haven't been getting much sleep so every so often I fall asleep at the most random time of the day. Here is what happened.

Martin and I were playing on the couch and he kept putting pillows on my head and I would pretend to eat his fingers but after awhile he got bored and decided to read his book but left the pillow on my head and I fell asleep. After what felt time a few second Martin pulls the pillows off my head and said......

Martin: Mommy you can't go to sleep.
Me: I didn't go to sleep Martin I was waiting for you to play with me.
Martin: Yes you fell asleep because I put my finger in your mouth and you didn't bit it. So you feel asleep.
I just laughed and gave Martin a big hug.

My only question is I don't ever want to know where his finger went while I was sleeping. :)

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