Thursday, July 23, 2009

Funny Moments with Martin

Yesterday while Dad and I were cleaning Martin walked around the house and smelled a leather chair and said "Have you smelled this chair it stinks." This room is dirty." I couldn't stop laughing because he was s serious. Oh no the chair didn't stink and yes the room needed to be vacuumed.

This Morning

We all went outside and Martin was driving his car and stopped because he came upon a spider and said " Oh the poor little spiders its looking for its Mommy and best friend." Martin wait and waited until the spider disappeared into the grass to keep driving his car.

One final story. I started to cough and Martin became concerned and said " Boy Mommy you have a lot of bugs in your throat. Keep coughing until they are all gone."

"Children find everything in nothing, Men find nothing in everything"
Giacomo Leopardi

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