Friday, July 31, 2009

Cheapest Teething Toy in the World

The other night we were having dinner at Grandpa and ma Wimmers house and Roxie was screaming in her usually high pitch way and everyone's ears had enough. So Dad fed her a pickle which just like Martin she had no reaction so than Grandma suggested we give her celery. I thought if pickles didn't give us a reaction why would celery. I was wrong!! Roxie was so overjoyed with celery that when it came time for us to leave we had to rip it out of her hands. I'm guessing the coolness and hardness of the celery on Roxie's sore teeth was the reason for her new found Love of Celery. So whenever she starts her high pitch scream I just pull out the celery and I get some peace and quiet!!

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  1. Gotta love cheap...and organic, teething-toys!