Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day at the Doctors

Today was Martin 3 year old check up and Roxie 6-7 month check up.

Lets start with Martin!! Martin is your typically 3 year old. The kids see Dr. Winterland and she is female and being a girl Martin couldn't help but flirt with her. Every time Dr. Winterland asked Martin to draw a circle he would drew circles and she asked him to find the blue, orange and red crayon and he found each crayon. If I asked Martin to tell me the colors of the crayon he would look at me and say NO. As the appointment was ending Doug asked Martin to say "Thank you Dr. Winterland." BUT instead he said " I LOVE YOU Dr. Winterland." She turned bright red and said " Thank you Martin." That's my little flirt.

Roxie's update: Weight: 16.12lbs, Length: 26.75 (Dr.thinks they measured wrong.)
She did really well and didn't cry until the second shot in her leg.

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