Thursday, July 30, 2009


Yesterday was Martin's first dentist appointment. We had talked about it for a couple of days and Martin seemed to be excited so naturally I assumed he would scream and cry the entire time at the dentist.
We arrived at 8am and a few min later Martin and his dad went with the Dental Hygienist and Roxie and I stayed in the waiting room. From what his daddy told me Martin was nervous at first but when the dentist came in and started to count Martin's teeth and talk to him about brushing his teeth Martin very good and didn't once bite the dentist. He told the Dentist he was 3 years old and showed the dentist how he could count. Martin's favorite part of the dentist off was the chair that went up really high and went down so low he could climb in.
I have to admit I was so proud of Martin no they didn't clean his teeth yet but he still went to the dentist and never once made a fuss. He is starting to grow up and I'm not sure I ready for that

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