Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Not Everyone is Happy On Their Birthday.

I guess not everyone can be happy on their birthday. We all started to sing Zoey but she soon covered her face and started to cry and wouldn't blow out her candles. Once we calmed her down a little Doug lite the candles again and she blew them out on her own candles. She never once touched her doughnut which surprised Doug and I because she loves doughnut but we never allow her to have frosting because it makes such a mess but I figured for this birthday it would be perfect.  Guess not.
 After all the tears she started to get into her birthday and loved opening her wonderful gifts.  A beautiful dress and Ragged Anne doll, balloons, clothes, people toy, blocks and her very own scooter so she will stop taking Roxie's. And of course her piece of America her Hormel Stock.

Zoey has fallen head over heels for her Grandma Bremner.  Every day since they arrived she looks around the house asking for her grandma and papa and when she can't find them she starts to cry.  Than again when they leave the house she starts to cry and I fear when they leave she isn't going to handle it too well.
Zoey is our Big Two Year Old!  Some days I wish for my small baby back but than I realized she never slept so I will take my excellent 2 year old sleeper Zoey girl.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Zoey Girl

Happy Birthday Zoey Girl!  It has been a crazy year and I will can't believe you are two without any broken arms, legs or stitches.
 You are one crazy little girl with a sweet and loving personality.  You love to tease your sister but you will give hugs and kisses to heal a wounded heart. 
Word count
Papa aka Grandpa or Bruce Wills
Thank you

Her favorite sentence is "I'm Sorry." So not true but she says it a lot.
"Chips Please." She says it at lest three times a day and she hears me reply "No Zoey No Chips."
Which she will say "PLEASE Momma!"
I love my Zoey Girl

She made it to 2!!

Welcome Zoey Girl

Zoey's 1st Birthday

Zoey's First Christmas

Sisterly Love

Loves to sit on her head.  Silly Girl

Still not quite sure about swimming

Wanting to play Princess with her sister and friend

Tea Party

Roxie trying to convince her to take a picture.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ward Camp-out Sharp Creek

Doug and I took Martin and Roxie on the ward Camp out to Sharp Creek near Payson Az.  Grandma Wimmer willing took Zoey for the night and boy was I grateful!
We packed the car with 4 sleeping bags, two tents, cot, pad, more junk food than is ever needed, warm hats and gloves along with tons of warm blankets.
Group Camp Site

Roxie going Zipling

Bro. Ray sending Roxie down.

The girls Tent.  Next time I sleep with Martin.

Boy's Tent.

Martin and Gage where running down the hill and Martin hit his knee on the Rock.  To stop the tears Doug said "Martin you knee broke the Rock.  Which Martin replied "Its because of all the Milk I drink." 

The car's Teeth are Chattering from the cold morning.

Hot Chocolate in the cold morning

Roxy Meet Roxie.  The sweetest Dog!!


Martin helping Josie!

Josie "Talking" with Martin

Its official she is flirting with Martin.  JoJo has a little crush on Martin.

Martin Zipling with the AWESOME Hormel hat!  It kept him warm just like it used to keep me warm in MN.
 We had a great time at the ward camp out ate wonderful dutch over blueberry, peach and blackberry cobbler and I think I might want to learn how to use a dutch over.  Watched everyone play horseshoe and enjoyed the smores at night while the young women sang their camp songs. The camp site had bathrooms but due to the smell my amazing husband took the kids to the bathroom for me so I wouldn't dry heave.  He is the best!!!
It might have been cold to most everyone there but I loved the weather.  I loved the trees, smell of the fresh mountain air and explaining to Martin what cow pies! Needless to say he will never touch a cow pie again.
We saw snakes, mice, rollie pollie and more than enough tranchula to last me a life time.
We had a great time and I loved visiting the cold but I loved coming home to my 75 degree night with my little Zoey in my arms!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Early Ultrasound

My doctor likes to have an early ultrasound performed to confirm pregnancy.
I went in for the ultrasound and came out with one little raspberry.  The due date is confirmed for May 21st 2013.  This was the first time I saw a little arm bud in a ultrasound with a heart beat of 170.
Baby with an arm bud and tail.
Just wanted to tell everyone that yes I am officially pregnant.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I wish I could eat!!!

The last two weeks I have been gaining a little weight, but unable to really eat anything unless it is toast with tons of butter or Pizza!!  
The nausea is over whelming everything and anything I can smell from a cat spraying in our yard to someone cooking BBQ a black away.  I can sleep anytime even after sleeping between 5-8 hours.  I am extremely emotional!!  I was watching Tangled and started to cry my eyes out thinking the poor parents never got to raise their daughter. 
Most of you know but for the few others I am due with another little person sometimes in May.  I would love to say I have a due date but lets be honest Martin arrived 3 weeks earlier, Roxie arrived 3 days early and Zoey arrived 1 week early.  
5 more weeks and I will be 12 weeks and I am hoping the worst of the morning sickness will be over but with Roxie and Zoey I was sick until 20+ weeks but with Martin I was sick until 12 weeks! I am hoping for a boy!!!
Martin is extremely excited to be a big brother again but he is hoping for a brother so that some day he can play boy stuff. Although he would be happy with a sister to protect.
 Roxie is slowly coming to terms with having another baby but if its a girl "I will not share my Pink with Her!"  Zoey has no idea what is happening but it will be an big adjustment for her after all she is very much connected to me her mommy.
I will have an ultrasound a next Monday to confirm due date and we get to hear the heartbeat.
I am nauseated all the time and I can't get enough of Ginger Ale (Gross)!
The good news according to my doctor the sicker I am the healthier the pregnancy.  Personally I think he is saying this to make me feel better every time I dry heave, run for the bath room or lay down 1 hour after I woke up!