Friday, September 30, 2011

Roxie's Dollar Buys and Family

Roxie and I went to the dollar section of Target and she "LOVES EVERYTHING"
We bought a wand and wings for two dollars. Than after taking this pictures I realized everything she is wear cost less than 2 dollar. The Wings $1, Shirt $2, Skirt $1, Wand $1 and the boots $12.00 BUT they were one a sale from 15.99. I love sales for kids clothes. Now if I could only find deals like that for me. A girl can dream :)

Roxie and Her Daddy watching Jake and the Never land Pirates!

Martin has taken on the challenge of dressing himself every morning for school! This morning Doug got Roxie up and dressed (She won't let me do it. She screams every time she see me in the morning and not her dad.) and we all went down stairs waiting for Martin. Both kids were dressed in Orange and tan. We didn't plan just happened.


"Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate."

Emma Goldman, author

"No one has yet fully realized the wealth of sympathy, kindness and generosity hidden in the soul of a child. The effort of every true education should be to unlock that treasure."

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Book Him Danno

If anyone knows me they know I love reading books. With that said recently I seem to find myself reading the same style of books and they have all one theme Conspiracy about they Government or large Corporations.
I decided to challenge myself and help my sister and her husband out on their book blog by reading books authors send them to review. I read a Young Adult Book Perception and it was great and must read and now a fiction Code Name Atlas.
Something I have realized with all my book reading and reviewing most of the recent books seem to be a Dystrophy type of world and it made me wonder "Do people really feel we are heading down the road to a dystrophia society with the way the government can't seem to work to the benefit of their constituents?"
Just something I was thinking.
I wonder what some of my school teacher would think if they saw me reading now? To all those who thought I couldn't read because of my learning disability you were wrong.

So far my favorite books have been Preception but Heather Cashman, The Triple Agent: The Al-Queda Mole Who Infiltrated the CIA by Joby Warrick and George Bush Executive Decision.

Parent Teacher Conference

Yesterday was Martin's first parent teacher Conference and to be honest I have been wondering how he was doing in school. The typical questions like:
1. Is he making friends
2. Is working well with others
3. Is he doing well with homework and academics.
I will start my bragging now just in case you do not want to know stop reading now.
They test the kids Phonemic Awareness and the goal is 10 Martin got a 23.
For Language Arts he has Mastered all the Sight Words, Writes his Name Correctly, Identifies all the sounds and identifies all the letters and last but not lest he knows all the parts of the book.

For Math the only number he sometimes struggles writing is the number 2.
The teacher asked him to count to 10 and than he told Ms. Dalzell he could count to 100. She didn't think he could but she told him to go ahead and he counted to 100 without missing a number. She was very impressed.

Behavior he received all Excellent expect for Completing Class classwork independently he got a satisfactory because he works slow but he wants it to be perfect so that is why he works so slow.

Now I know it is only kindergarten but kindergarten is what 1st grade was for me. I am very happy he is doing so well. He might just be in Kindergarten but to Martin it is everything and I am will to make a big deal out of it. Now what can I stress over because I am not a good mom unless I am stressing about something. :)
Check off Stressing over Martin and school off my list.

Martin and I have finished reading together Harry Potter Book 1 and we have started on Book 2.

I have a smart little Man just like his Dad.
I only hope he starts to love reading books as much as I do.
Opps I forgot to add he is in the top 5 of his class of 30 kids.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I think I have been busy but not sure

Planting her Veggie Tales plants

I've been meaning to blog but May and September are the worst months for me because I get the worst migraines. I spend most of the month hiding away somewhere in the house in hopes the pain will go away or the extreme temperatures will go away. For example a few days ago it was 105 as a day time high but 65 at night and for someone it effects me. I can't take anything because I am nursing Zoey.
One day I finally started to feel better so Roxie and I went to pick a small Veggie Tale Herb Garden for her to grown some plants. Being a smart mommy I also picked up one for Martin too. So far Roxie's plants have a little growth but Martins are still just seeds.
Zoey is 11 months and she loves to explore the house mainly the bathrooms. She is starting to eat "big people" food, and she loved popcorn just like the other two.
Zoey is starting to really develop a little personality and she doesn't let her sister push her around as much as she did before. Zoey still doesn't like strangers but she doesn't mind them if they are visiting at home. If she has her pick of people in the room it is either her dad or I and than Martin.
Zoey has also been starting to cut number 7 and 8 of her baby teeth and I am proud to say she has the gapest front teeth I have every seen in my kids!!! Maybe we will be lucky and at lest one kid wont need braces. Here's hoping!!!
I'm still struggling with Migraines but life goes on and so do I.
Martin has two half days of school this week and than October Break starting October1-18. Doug and I will be going to our first Parent Teacher Conference tomorrow.
We are all excited to be seeing Grammy and Grandpea Bremner soon(Roxie call them that Martin calls them Grandma and pa Bremner). Martin has been counting down the days until his Grandma Bremner arrives.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Something I can Look forward to

Since school has started, every afternoon starting at 3:00pm we are so lucky to have a next door neighbor who is learning the saxophone.
I am so very sorry for everyone who had to listen to be plunk away at the violin, sing at the top of my lungs and play the same song on the piano.
We have heard the same song tooted away at for now three weeks and while my neighbors dogs are not hallowing my ears are ringing. She loves to practice outside and so we get a free concert every day.
I guess I should be grateful its not the drums.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Silly Faces of Zoey

Zoey makes the funniest faces. She loves to show off her 6 front teeth and when she does it makes me laugh.

My Girls

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please Join and Vote!!!

Cuties Kids Contest.

Vote for Martin, Roxie and Zoey!!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Veggie Tales

Sorry it is pretty quite so you will have to turn up your computer to really hear Roxie's singing.