Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I think I have been busy but not sure

Planting her Veggie Tales plants

I've been meaning to blog but May and September are the worst months for me because I get the worst migraines. I spend most of the month hiding away somewhere in the house in hopes the pain will go away or the extreme temperatures will go away. For example a few days ago it was 105 as a day time high but 65 at night and for someone it effects me. I can't take anything because I am nursing Zoey.
One day I finally started to feel better so Roxie and I went to pick a small Veggie Tale Herb Garden for her to grown some plants. Being a smart mommy I also picked up one for Martin too. So far Roxie's plants have a little growth but Martins are still just seeds.
Zoey is 11 months and she loves to explore the house mainly the bathrooms. She is starting to eat "big people" food, and she loved popcorn just like the other two.
Zoey is starting to really develop a little personality and she doesn't let her sister push her around as much as she did before. Zoey still doesn't like strangers but she doesn't mind them if they are visiting at home. If she has her pick of people in the room it is either her dad or I and than Martin.
Zoey has also been starting to cut number 7 and 8 of her baby teeth and I am proud to say she has the gapest front teeth I have every seen in my kids!!! Maybe we will be lucky and at lest one kid wont need braces. Here's hoping!!!
I'm still struggling with Migraines but life goes on and so do I.
Martin has two half days of school this week and than October Break starting October1-18. Doug and I will be going to our first Parent Teacher Conference tomorrow.
We are all excited to be seeing Grammy and Grandpea Bremner soon(Roxie call them that Martin calls them Grandma and pa Bremner). Martin has been counting down the days until his Grandma Bremner arrives.

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